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Modern Coffee Table: a Combination of Functionality and Impeccable Style

A few years ago, transformer tables, which were laid out into a full-fledged dining table, were on trend. Today, the situation has changed, the coffee table is no longer required to be a universal item for all occasions, its main task is to decorate and complement the interior.

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The sitting area in the living room will become more comfortable if you place a modern coffee table there. This piece of furniture will serve as a convenient tea stand or a temporary workplace. You can put a vase with flowers, a photo frame, put your favorite magazine or book on it. The laconic design of Vasagle coffee table models allows you to fit them into interiors of different styles, for example:

  • simple but spectacular chipboard products will perfectly complement the atmosphere in the mood of minimalism;
  • extravagant furniture on a metal frame with a glass top will become an interesting accent in high-tech design;
  • you can use a modern coffee table of rectangular or square shape on a metal frame to best advantage in a loft;
  • the restraint of modernity will emphasize the product on carved legs in a wenge shade.

Many models are delivered disassembled. To assemble such tables, use the instructions that come with the necessary accessories.

Which modern-style coffee tables can you buy?

The online store has a large selection of modern VASALGLE coffee tables at affordable prices. You can find models made of safe, durable materials – metal, glass, chipboard, MDF, solid wood. Catalogue furniture:

  • it is resistant to deformation from humidity fluctuations;
  • it can be adjusted in height (some models);
  • it does not require complex maintenance: it is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth or rag.
coffee table
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This way you can buy modern coffee tables in different sizes and colours.

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