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How to sell a house: simple rules of the first impression

Is the impression you make on a person when selling a house important? Of course, it is. According to the survey, it takes only one tenth of a second for a person to create a score for the interviewee. In the modern world, the first impression leaves an indelible mark on the memory of every customer. Positive or negative feedback will influence whether this client wants to buy property or not.

When going to the meeting, look in the mirror. If you are ready to appear on the cover of a professional glossy magazine as the best seller of the year, you can safely go to a meeting. Carefully look at your clothes, nails, hair. You can buy a suit in advance, go to the hairdresser or buy special hair products. If you have very long hair on top short on sides this is for you.  As a rule, the client first looks at the head, evaluates the girls’ makeup, accessories, as for men, people most often pay attention to their hair. Blackbeardproducts will help you look amazing.

Smile at your clients only if your smile is appropriate and sincere. Use a head nod along with the greeting as a sign of increased attention.

A short, pertinent “out of business” conversation at the very beginning of the will allow you to fill in the pauses and help in establishing contact. Ask the client “how he got there”, “did he find your office quickly”, etc. Remember, before a sale takes place in reality, it must take place in the seller’s head.

Your depressive mood, as well as excessive excitement, can be interpreted ambiguously by clients. Moreover, excessive emotions will interfere with your concentration. Apply the rule of professional negotiators: 10-12 deep and long sighs and exhalations before contact will allow you to calm down and focus on working with the client.

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

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