What to do With an Old Shed
Image by William Sturgell from Pixabay

What to do With an Old Shed

Since any outbuilding is quite noticeable, take care of its appearance first of all: peeling faded paint, cracked muddy windows and an untidy door will spoil the impression of the most beautiful site.

Turning a plain old shed into a solid and attractive UK house from the outside is not an easy task. But if you approach the process seriously, thoughtfully, and sometimes with notes of creativity, you may be surprised to find that the task turned out to be not so overwhelming.

A place for storing tools

A place for storing tools
Image by Jakob Kowalski from Pixabay

You can go the way of functionality and order. Create strict minimalism and a systematized storage system.

A place for storing furniture

The next option is a cozy house for storing country furniture + you can hide in it in case of rain. As an option for gathering guests, it is not suitable, as it will overheat at noon and it will be stuffy and uncomfortable. But in the morning, late in the evening in spring or autumn, here you can very comfortably wrap yourself in a blanket, drink coffee, work on a laptop, watch the rain and breathe fresh air.

A place for storing seeds and seedlings

The third option – can be called a gardener’s laboratory. Seeds, planting material, germinating plants, and perhaps independently grafted and breeding specimens are concentrated here.

A place for relaxation

A place for relaxation
Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

The fourth option is distinguished by a slightly larger area, more comfortable conditions and such trifles that are pleasant for the soul. If the location is chosen well, and in summer the shade of the trees shelters it from the midday heat, then in such a house you can read, relax, draw, drink coffee with a friend quite comfortably.

In order to make it convenient to use a shed, you need to think over a practical and compact storage system, as well as supplement it with good lighting.


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