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What Kind of Trash Can do You Need at Home?

A trash can is needed everywhere: at home, in the country, in the office, in a public institution, on the street. Depending on the purpose, you can find completely different models in stores like SONGMICS and retail outlets. What are their differences? There are several types of buckets that can be suitable for different purposes and different installation locations.

Roll-out model for the kitchen

A mechanical bucket is mounted on the highway under the sink. The highway mechanism pushes it out when the door opens. Convenient to use, easy to repair, but not suitable for every kitchen.

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Bucket with lid

This dustbin is a convenient and economical option. It is used for food waste, as well as in the bathroom, as it reliably suppresses odor. The lid opens both by hand and by pressing the pedal with your foot. You can choose a system that is attached to the facade of the kitchen unit, then the lid will open automatically, along with the door.

Touch model

It opens the lid when you bring garbage to it. Battery operated. Some models even take into account the size of the debris brought in. There are also buckets that open the lid instantly, which allows you to throw garbage, and the device recognizes the flight, immediately catches the object, and then closes, like doors in a supermarket.

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Versatile, comfortable, high-tech, and stylish in design. Will make an excellent gift. For now, this is a market innovation, so the cost is relatively high, although there are models of different prices. They can be found in good restaurants and hotels.

A trash can is not only a container into which garbage is thrown. When choosing such a container, it is important to consider its location, size and color.

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