How to make a wide garden look longer
Image by Malcolm Brook from Pixabay

How to make a wide garden look longer?

To equip a garden whose dimensions are limited in order to change its shape is a rather complicated but interesting process. But designers have come up with some techniques and ways that you can apply in your garden in the UK.

Basic rules

Basic rules
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

When landscaping a garden, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Add artificial walls. The higher and denser the fence, the more your site seems longer, but do not overdo it, otherwise your site will become cramped.
  • Release the center. Various large buildings and high decorations should be placed along the fence. It is also better to plant trees in a row parallel to the fence. In the center you can mark an oblong pond.
  • Create an accent point of the plot. The accent can be anything, its location does not matter. It can be a flowerbed with flowers or a small fountain. The main thing is to use rectangular shapes that will create a visual elongation of the site.

Techniques of visual elongation of the plot area

Techniques of visual elongation of the plot area
Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay

Garden path. It should be made straight so that the distance between objects seems as small as possible. If it is made tortuous, it will only expand the site more. Paths can be made of anything: stones, gravel, remnants of bricks, concrete tiles. If you add an arch to your garden, it will create an extension of the plot due to the illusion of the continuation of the garden on the other side of the arch.

Pond. If you add an artificial pond of an oblong shape to the garden, it will give airiness to the site. If you place the mirrors perpendicular to the pond, it will not only be a unique design solution, but also a visual extension of the garden. The path leading “into the mirror”, installed perpendicular to the pond, creates the illusion that the garden is much longer than it seems.

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