The Advantages of Park Homes
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The Advantages of Park Homes

There is something universally appealing about living outdoors and one of the best ways of enjoying such an al fresco lifestyle is to invest in a second home.

Clearly in the current financial situation buying a true second home in sunnier climes is difficult and it’s why thousands of Britons are starting to consider alternative options when it comes to getting away from it all – researching everything from tents to.

park homes for sale Camping is a great way of course of getting a piece of the outdoor lifestyle but if you like your luxuries or prefer not to wade to the loo in waist high mud then park and mobile homes are an increasingly popular choice.

Park home sales are going through the roof at present as cash strapped people look at lowering holiday costs while also grabbing a real estate investment that can grow in value.

So, if you are looking into such a purchase what sort of things should you be aware of? The key, according to experts, is to fully understand the cost associated with ownership. It’s not just buying the home but the service charges and bills that often catch people out, so be sure to ask the current owners for a full list of these.

Also ask about guarantees as fixing serious leaks etc can prove costly. And make sure that you own the property. Often park home owners will rent it on a lease, which can catch people out.

Do your homework though and you can grab a great bargain and get closer to that dream outdoor lifestyle you so crave.

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