What to Wear While Gardening
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What to Wear While Gardening?

A person who is seriously engaged in gardening considers clothes for gardening from a practical point of view. Most people choose old things that are not sorry to tear or get dirty in the dirt. However, in order for the work to bring you even more pleasure, you can think about your appearance and choose comfortable clothes.

Gardening clothes

Gardening clothes
Image by Andreas Göllner from Pixabay

Gardening is most often active body movements: digging, loosening, processing, raking. Great options would be loose trousers or shorts and the same loose T-shirt or shirt. You can approach this issue with all seriousness and buy workwear in a UK store.

If you need to water plants or collect flowers, then you can choose a long loose dress.

To make the work comfortable in any weather, it is better to choose cotton fabrics so that the clothes breathe and do not restrict movement. Therefore, jeans for gardening are not the best option.

It is important to wear a long-sleeve shirt, so you will protect your skin from scratches, thorns and burns. But you can also buy special sleeves, they will definitely protect your hands from any influences.

Gardening shoes

Having decided on clothes, it is important to pay attention to the gardener’s shoes. Garden clogs are one of the favorite options for gardening. They are comfortable and waterproof.

In addition to clogs, you need to have boots in your garden. They are suitable for digging or if you need to protect your feet from impacts. After a downpour, boots are also the preferred option, so you won’t get dirty in the mud.

Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves
Image by photoAC from Pixabay

Gardening gloves are necessary for gardening. They will protect you from calluses, blisters, skinned skin, splinters. It is necessary to have 2-3 pairs, both for daily work and for work that can damage the skin. Cotton gloves are suitable for everyday work, and nylon gloves are suitable for other work.

In addition to all of the above, on sunny days it is necessary to wear a hat so as not to get a sunstroke.

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