How to Hide a Brick Wall in the Garden
Image by MabelAmber from Pixabay

How to Hide a Brick Wall in the Garden?

The beautifully decorated house is the pride of any owner. But not everyone can boast that everything suits him in the exterior of the site. Anyway, there will always be unsightly elements that it would be useful to remove, hide or disguise. To turn disadvantages into advantages by transforming unattractive buildings into examples of exquisite landscape design is a task that anyone can solve. The main thing is to show imagination and apply skills to implement the garden wall ideas.

garden wall ideas
Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

You can decorate the walls with false bright-colored windows, made of picture frames and attach a pot with a bright flower to each of these windows. Decorate the facade of the building with wicker elements, bright coasters, handmade panels made of improvised materials, decorative wooden grids, arrange hanging shelves directly on the wall and arrange beautiful objects. The wall can also become an exhibition: attach a lot of hooks to the wall, and then hang on it, for example, objects of ancient peasant life or old fishing accessories.

If it is impossible to decorate the wall, lay it with a woodpile for firewood, leaving niches in the woodpile in some places, where you can also put pots with flowers, a bright watering can, an old mug – in a word, any decorative gizmos. By the way, the intricate lattice itself is a wonderful decoration of the wall. To decorate walls, located in a small shade, it is better to use undemanding climbing plants: maiden grapes, lemongrass, ivy, hops and pliers.

One can turn the brick wall into the original art object by using any improvised materials: pieces of stained-glass film, fragments of a mirror, broken tiles.

hanging planters
Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

In UK gardens some people use hanging planters, acting as a bright touch of decoration, which distract attention from an unsightly object and visually transform the garden. Among such decorative plants are balsam, begonia and petunia. By planting spicy plants in pots, you get the opportunity not only to enjoy the aroma and flowering of crops, but also to have fresh herbs on hand to create culinary masterpieces.

The wall can be painted – either just in a new color that you like, or in stripes. Gazebos, pergolas, seats, beautiful themed corners or flower beds can be also “attached” to the wall.

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