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What you Need to Know before Building a Patio

When building a patio, many points should be taken into account – from choosing a base to dividing the site into zones. However, any building starts with a foundation, and the patio is no exception. Many summer residents are wondering where to start building a small recreation area, how much mot type 1 do I need, and so on.

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Dig deep for best results

Before you start building a patio, check with your local utility company to see if gas, water, sewer lines, and electrical cables are running under your property and at what depth. If there is nothing dangerous underground, dig a pit below the level of root vegetation by 15-20 cm. On the eve of the “excavations”, water the dry soil abundantly so that it is easier to dig it out the next day.

Lay a solid foundation

Vibrating plates or rammers are used to compact sand, crushed stone and other bulk materials. Remember that you need a level and solid base on which the paving stones will be laid. Remember to re-compact each subsequent layer of material that you will be laying. To calculate sub-base mot 1 there is a mot calculator.

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Don’t let weeds grow

Weed grass can also break through paving stones that are loosely adjacent to each other, and through the gaps between the boards. Therefore, your patio area should be absolutely free of weeds. A “protective barrier” can be created using a dense piece of matter. Lay it between the soil and the new layer of sand that should be the base of your patio area. Calculate the coverage area by multiplying the length by the width and adding 10% for the margin.

Only after completing these steps, you can begin the detailed study of the construction of your ideal patio.

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