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Artificial Turf for Businesses

Artificial grass has found wide application on sports grounds and in the design of the house territory. There are also artificial grass for university lawns, various centers, college campuses etc. It can become an indispensable assistant for small businesses due to its high wear resistance and excellent decorative qualities.

Pet-related business

Synthetic turf can be a perfect option to replace textiles and natural grass for a hotel for dogs and cats, a veterinary clinic, a training ground. It can be placed in cages or on the floor, used as artificial grass for playground safety surfacing. Artificial grass is very popular with animals, and reduces the cost of care and replacement for the business owner.

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Does your hotel, cafe, children’s camp have a playground for active recreation? Use artificial grass for outdoor event venues! The synthetic coating forms a smooth elastic surface, which reduces the likelihood of injury. Artificial turf is easy to install and even easier to care for. If you still thinking of new conception of your public place, use artificial grass for landscape renovations!


Artificial grass adds a touch of environmental friendliness to any room. It is great for interior decoration. Use artificial grass for shipping yards. Artificial grass does not attract insects, with proper care, fungi and mold do not grow on it, it is non-toxic and it is easy to keep it clean. Apply artificial grass for warehouses to store your goods.

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Other applications

There are other ways to use fake grass.

  • Artificial grass for car washes.
  • Artificial grass for car rental lots.
  • Artificial grass for corporate campuses.
  • Artificial grass for distribution centers.

Artificial grass for business complexes is a perfect option. Experienced designers are ready to help you choose artificial grass for landscape redesigns that will suit your business and calmly withstand the planned loads.

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