How to Build a Garden Room on a Budget in the UK
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How to Build a Garden Room on a Budget in the UK

The construction of a house usually begins with a garden room. There are many offers on the market for the purchase of new or used wooden cabins. Even such a thing as a “block container” appeared in everyday life. It is made of metal, has a large number of options for completing and can already be used as an element of modular housing construction.

But it is the cabin on a wooden frame that is the most budget and optimal solution. After the construction is completed, it can be used as a cheap guest house, a shed.


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The further use of the room depends on its size, device and finishing materials.

As a small shed, internal partitions are not needed. There is also no need for insulation of walls, floors, roofs.

If you plan to use the garden room as a seasonal residence in the UK, then you can provide for an internal layout. It is better to carry out insulation at the construction stage — when using heaters, the cabin will keep warm better in spring and autumn, and in summer it will not heat up much in the sun.


Step-by-step instructions for building a garden room begin with the foundation.

The peculiarity of a small wooden structure is its insignificant weight. But even this does not mean that it can be placed directly on the ground. To protect against the effects of soil moisture, a towering base is necessary.

The simplest type is a columnar foundation. Its strength is enough to withstand the weight.

Supporting frame

This requires only dry wood. But this is not enough — all the wooden elements of the frame and cladding must be treated with antiseptics.


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There are many ways to attach the rafters. The simplest uses metal staples. For a more reliable fixation, you can either cut a groove in the rafter, or use a support beam. Roll waterproofing is attached to the rafters, and a crate is placed on top. The pitch of the crate depends on the type of roofing material and the angle of the slope.


At first, the rough floor boards are attached between the logs. The protruding edge of the lower strapping beam is used as a support.

Then the surface of the rough floor is covered with a waterproofing film. Insulation is placed between the logs. As the final floor, a tongue-and-groove board is best.


In order for the trailer to be warm, it is necessary to insulate the ceiling. The principle is the same as for the floor.


The classic set of the frame structure has several layers: the inner lining, a vapor-proof film, insulation between the frame posts, a vapor-permeable membrane, a spacer and decorative lining.

Window and door frames are fixed from the outside and from the inside. Trim the corner joints from the outside with slats or wooden profiles.

The finishing is completed by polishing wooden coverings, priming and paintwork.

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